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Episode 1 Now Online!

Our very first episode is up on YouTube! Make sure to watch all three parts and let us know what you think.





We're on Indiegogo!

We've officially launched our Indiegogo campaign! Never heard of crowdfunding? Basically, it's a forum where creative types put up their project and ask people to donate to help turn it into reality. In return the supporters receive 'Perks'. In our case, perks include free downloads, an invitation to be an extra and even a chance to name a character!

Check out our page for more info and if you like what you see, please donate and share. Leroy's life is in your hands!


Dustin Fever's hit single!

Dustin Fever is the 17 year old pop sensation that stole George's girlfriend from him. After hearing his hit song, "I Wanna Do You Like I'm 22", it's no wonder the world has been infected by Fever Fever! Check it out, karaoke-style!

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Pilot Episode Preview!

Check out this short clip of Episode 101: "Just Another Day?"

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Meet Gus! 

We filmed a few short clips to introduce the characters. Check out the video and l
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About the show

George is having one bad day. First his girlfriend leaves him for 17-year-old pop sensation Dustin Fever, then he shows up to work where his boss, who also happens to be his ex’s dad, dumps him too! Luckily for George, he lives with his childhood best-friend, Leroy Brown. Leroy’s good looks and charm make him the ultimate ladies’ man and the perfect guy to help George get back on his feet. The only problem is Leroy’s never around. George’s other friends have a tough time believing he even exists! Does he? Stay tuned to find out!

"Where's Leroy?" is a TV-quality sitcom made for the internet. Filmed in multiple HD cameras and in front of a live studio audience, the show is a throwback to the classics found on prime-time network TV.

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Gus & Steven: bumbling partners in crime!


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